The Best Cannabis Seeds Produce The Best Cannabis Plants!

Only the best cannabis seeds produce the best quality highs!The single most important element to producing quality plants is to start with the best cannabis seeds that you can afford. The quality of plant care you provide during the vegetative, flowering, and harvest phases of your grow follows closely behind that in importance.  Genetics is, by far, the most critical factor in growing the best quality plants.  It affects many aspects of your grow – plant size and health, pest and disease  resistance, bud yields, THC quantity and quality, and other things.

So don’t scrimp when it comes to selecting your seeds.  There are many powerful hybrids readily available to you in seed form that combine the best characteristics of both the natural indica and sativa strains of cannabis.  A number of quality seedbanks are in business – mostly in Europe – that you can easily and discreetly mail-order your cannabis seeds from.  (Click here if you’re concerned about ordering seeds online.)

In addition to having a wide variety of seed choices like White Widow, Medijuana, Light of Jah, California Dream, New York City Diesel, White Queen, Cheese, Supernova, Waikiki Queen, and Strawberry Ice, and many more to choose from, you can also opt to purchase so-called “feminized” seeds.  Feminized seeds are seeds that are specially bred to only produce female cannabis plants.  Quality cannabis (i.e., with high THC levels) only comes from female plants.  Once a plant is determined to be male in gender, it should immediately be removed from the grow closet and discarded.  Although feminized seeds command slightly higher prices, it’s well worth it because you’re virtually guaranteed to not waste any of your growing efforts (or money!) on worthless male plants.

The shelf life of cannabis seeds depends on several factors, but should realistically be a couple of years if certain safeguards are taken.  Seeds need to be fresh to be viable, and therefore should be stored in a cool, dark place until you’re ready to plant them.

One way to avoid the recurring costs of seed purchases is to clone new plants from existing ones.  Although there’s a fair amount of work involved in cloning, it can help you reduce your overall costs.  Once you’ve identified particular plants that have the best physical characteristics and yield potential, cuttings can be taken from those plants and planted as your next crop.  The genetics of those plant cuttings will ensure that you get identical versions of your best plants in your next grow.

Now that you’ve decided which varieties you’re going to grow, it’s now time to see how to germinate cannabis seedling.


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