Grow Weed Closet #3

Custom-built grow weed closetIf you don’t have any available closet space in your home for a “grow weed closet”, take a look in your garage. This particular growing space has been built back into the nook that was originally intended to house an extra freezer or refrigerator.

Many condominiums, houses and villas built within the last 30 years or so around the world have this feature in their garages.  If yours does, and it’s not already being used by a freezer, then this may be the right space for you.

These nooks usually come equipped with an AC outlet, so power should not be a problem here.  If you look at the image here (you can click on it to see a larger version), you’ll notice that the grower constructed a wooden frame out of 2×4 studs as the front of the space; from it hangs a lockable plywood door that opens to the right.  Just out of sight is the top of the enclosure, again made of 2×4 lumber cut to form a frame upon which a plywood shelf rests.  A couple of 2×4 joists were cut and inserted within the top frame; from the rightmost one, you can see the fluorescent grow lamp hanging by chain from a couple of screwed-in hooks.

If this nook happens to be located in a place that gets too hot in the summer time, you may need some additional cooling piped in.  In this example, the vent to the lower right provides air-conditioned air from the adjoining room to the grow closet.  When the closet door is closed, it forms an airtight seal around the wooden frame to contain the cooled air.  Hot air and odors are exhausted outside via the inline fan mounted in the top left wall of the cabinet, controlled by a digital timer.

Other than having to deal with any potential temperature issues, this self-contained grow closet is easy to construct.  Instead of nailing the wooden frames to the walls, it’s preferable to use long wood screws to attach them.  This makes it easier, if necessary, to remove the grow space without destroying the walls’ surfaces.

This grower spent about $85 to build out their grow weed closet (several eight-foot 2×4 studs, 2 1/2″ wood screws, six feet of aluminum chain, some S hooks, a thick plastic drop cloth to line the bottom of the enclosure, a digital timer, inline exhaust fan, assorted hardware like hinges and a pull knob, and a small oscillating fan).


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