How To Grow In A Closet

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Grow closet plantsThis website is intended mainly for the personal cannabis grower seeking information on how to grow in a closet indoors. Here, you will find useful tips and ideas on setting up a low cost, very simple, and low maintenance type of grow closet.  Unless you have commercial growing aspirations, just about any house or apartment can provide the few cubic feet of room and electricity necessary for a perfectly functional personal grow space accommodating up to half a dozen plants.

Growing cannabis in a closet is a relatively simple thing to do.  It’s generally the same process as growing it outdoors, only now you have much better control over all aspects of your grow.  Indoor growing provides the following benefits:

  • You can have a constantly renewing crop harvest.  You control the growing “season”, so you can manipulate your crops through several harvests per year instead of the one Spring-to-early Fall annual outdoor growing cycle.
  • Watering, fertilizing, and pest control activities are easier to manage.
  • Indoor plants attract less unwanted attention than plants grown outdoors.

Indoor grow closets take many shapes and come in many sizes, and are only limited by the amount of space you have and budget to work with.  When planning establishing a grow closet, one should first consider the following basic issues:

  1. Expected output.  Overall, is this grow intended simply for personal benefit, or will it have more of a commercial purpose?  Obviously, the larger the expected output, the larger your space will need to be.  (The information in this website is geared primarily toward the personal grower.)
  2. Available room.  Do you already have open, available closet space in your home that could easily be converted for use as a grow closet?   Or will you probably have to do a little sawing and hammering to get that space in appropriate shape?  Or should you just go ahead and build a new closet altogether?
  3. The amount of space needed.  Will you be both growing (vegetating) and flowering (blooming) crops at the same time?  (You will if you intend to have multiple harvests during the year.)  If so, you may need at least two closets, or a larger one that can be divided into two separate light-proof sections.  That’s because the vegetative stage, and the next stage – the flowering stage – of your crop’s development have very different lighting and nutritional requirements.

Once you’ve determined your space requirements, you can then go about setting it all up and getting your grow underway.  Other factors in how to grow in a closet that you will eventually need to consider include:


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